It’s Thursday! That means tonight is TV night. It also means tomorrow is Friday!

I got caught up on Modern Family today, and I still like the show. I’m definitely going to watch the whole season.

I don’t feel very good today, and I didn’t sleep much last night. My stomach is kind of upset, and I have a slight headache/nausea. I think it was the food I ate last night at church dinner. It tasted good, don’t get me wrong.

I am looking forward to Mountain Day this weekend! I hope it’s really fun, and I hope the weather agrees with us being outside for a BBQ picnic with long lost friends.

I just emailed the Alabama government to see if they will mail me a replacement postcard to enable me to renew my car tag online instead of standing in line 4+ hours at the courthouse downtown. It worked for a girl I know, so maybe they will get back to me! Let’s hope so.

Oh, I got stopped at a roadblock this morning, but I have never ever seen one of those in Homewood. Thank goodness it seemed like they were looking for a specific person. My insurance card wasn’t up to date, and my car tag expired today since it was good through September. That wouldn’t have mattered anyway because they are giving everyone 60 extra days since they know we all have to go stand in that line I mentioned. Anyway, he didn’t even let me get my insurance card out of my wallet. He just said “Ah, don’t worry about it because I can see you have insurance” just by seeing the card I guess. He obviously didn’t care about me because I wasn’t who he was looking for, so that was awesome.

I finished my vinyl repair job last night, and I’m pleased with the results. I could’ve made it match better, but as long as I don’t have a huge hole in our ottoman with white fuzz sticking out, I’m happy. I didn’t want to spend too much time because Choxie might just rip it again anyway. The good part is that I have tons of leftover supplies, so I’m going to repair those retro chairs I got from the church. Toot!

GOOD THING: going to apple houses next weekend with my parents and Brian
BAD THING: feel bad