I would like to add to yesterday’s yuckiness the fact that I quickly and accidentally inhaled a highlighter lid while at work. It wasn’t the regular long, skinny kind, but it wasn’t tiny. Let’s hope it comes out and doesn’t mess me up!

Yesterday, I took Choxie for a walk for the first time in 8 days because I have been feeling bad on top of evening plans several nights last week. She didn’t do that great because she had been cooped up in her crate all day and hadn’t been on a walk with me in a while, and I didn’t do that great because I was still weak from feeling bad, but it was okay. The best part was the weather; it wasn’t really hot, and it even sprinkled on us for about the last half, and I love walking when it’s sprinkling. But, we walked right over a SNAKE! It was a copperhead, too, and it was about 3 feet long. I didn’t see it until I was about 2 steps past it, and then I realized what we’d both just basically stepped over, so I freaked out after the fact. The dog didn’t even notice it, which isn’t very good, but I think it’s because it must have been dead. I couldn’t tell, and I couldn’t find anything to throw at it because I do enjoy messing with stuff like that. It looked like the very end of it’s tail might have been ran over, but the rest of it’s body was just fine, and it’s head definitely wasn’t smashed. BUT, it never ever moved, so I’m guessing it was dead. Who knows? But I’m so glad we didn’t step on it. I hollered at a group of high school girls across the street that were walking towards the road to warn them about it and then decided to run for a while because I wanted to take advantage of my adrenaline.

This morning, I woke up and looked at the clock. I thought it said 9:22, which would mean I was already late for work, so I called in ASAP and let them know I could be there by 10. Well, about 15 minutes later, I looked at a different clock, and it said 8:36, which confused me. I called work back to say I had looked at the clock wrong and tell them that I would, in fact, be on time. That was kind of crazy.

I am so behind on reading my Bible, but at least I am out of Genesis now. I know it’s still possible to finish when everyone else does, but I don’t particularly care enough to try to do that. If it happens, it happens, but I’m just going to read it at my own pace. I am very proud of Brian for keeping up so far, and I like hearing him tell me about what he’s read. (That goes for Casey, too! Good job.)

GOOD THING: finished Genesis finally
BAD THING: can’t stop blowing my nose today