That’s not just a TV show! This past weekend was the best one I’ve had in a while. Since it’s Thursday, I might not remember it all, but here’s some stuff I remember about it.

Friday was good because I spent my afternoon shopping for stuff for the house. I started at the Salvation Army looking for storage furniture, but I just got a mirror and a little decorative cabinet – all for less than $13. Then, I found some curtains for the dining room at World Market and got a pair of shoes at Target. That night, we ate at Brio. It’s so good! I’ve been wanting to go for a while, and it was awesome as usual. Saturday, I got up kind of early for me. Brian went to the lake without me, and I stayed and got some stuff done. I got some throw rugs for our house at Home Goods and shopped around at some other stores. I also stopped by Arby’s for an afternoon snack of curly fries and a jamocha shake! Mmm. I came home and ripped up the carpet from our stairs to the basement, too. It’s dirty and grosses me out, so I just threw it away. Now I just have to figure out whether I want to recarpet it or just paint the stairs. Brian and I rented Taken at the grocery store and watched it that night. That movie was awesome! I can’t remember anything else about Saturday, which is weird, but it was a good day. Sunday was also good. Church was good, and we ate lunch with Brian’s parents. Brian and I both had great walks/runs – the weather was perfect, and we both went farther than ever! I even jogged more than I usually do. Plus, the dog was awesome on her walk/jog. She didn’t pull at all, and she was very calm – even when I put her leash on in the kitchen. I didn’t even tell her to sit or anything, and she sat, I hooked it, and she never tried to jump up and eat the leash once. That was her demeanor for several days this week. I think she’s growing up just enough to give us a break sometimes! There are lots of other good things about the weekend, but that is what I can remember.

This week at work is also great! It’s back to it’s regular pace, so that’s a huge relief.

I feel bad today, and I’m kind of loopy because of the cold/allergy medicine I decided to start taking this morning. Hopefully, it will make me feel better soon.

GOOD THING: slow work day
BAD THING: sinus drainage – ew!