I just started a new Bible study last night that I’m really excited about because it’s led by Dave, and I think there is lots to learn about the Bible and God through his ways of teaching. Over 60 people signed up for his class, and we all introduced ourselves last night. Some people shared why they took that class, and almost all of those people said the reason they signed up was because Dave was teaching it. I think we all understand that we shouldn’t become a follower of Dave necessarily, but it’s obvious that a lot of people at this church love listening to him and think he does a great job. The class is an altered version of what he teaches at Samford University, so I’m excited to hopefully learn alot about the Bible.

On a similar note, Dave is asking the congregation of Contact to follow with him and read the Bible in 90 days. I didn’t start on the right day, but my goal is to catch up and then stay on track. I do want to finish by the time he does, but even if I don’t, I’m hoping I can make myself stick with it and read the whole Bible from front to back. I haven’t done that before, and the closest I ever came was when I took Disciple because you end up reading something like 85% of the Bible in that class. However, that class doesn’t do it strictly from front to back. We’ll see how it goes!

Other than that, I’ve started several books on my own at home for fun, so who knows when I will finish all these books. I must be on a reading kick, Sheena! haha

Work is awesome and normal now, thank goodness.

Oh, and guess what. If you don’t like this new health care idea, IT’S AN OPTION. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE IT IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO. The government isn’t going to make your family use it. You don’t need to complain about lines and compare it to the DMV because they will never make you get in those awful lines you’re expecting. You can continue to pay big bucks for private insurance if you want to.

GOOD THING: only 1.5 hours left!
BAD THING: neck hurts and I’m super tired