I couldn’t go to sleep until after 3 AM last night. The night before that was almost as bad! I am having lots of trouble sleeping lately.

The yard sale was a success. We had lots of low priced items, so I think making $135 was pretty great when you consider most everything was between a quarter and a dollar. The best part is that we donated everything left to a charity, so all that stuff is out of our house! We’re going to get back to work on spiffing up the basement now that some items are out of it.

Brian and I took his mom to Longhorn last night for a late dinner, and it was so yummy, but that wasn’t a surprise. Today, church was pretty good. I was just so tired that I had trouble paying attention. Sunday School and church touched on lots of the same stuff, and that is always neat when it happens.

I cannot tell you how excited I am that this week at work will be better than last week. There is no way it could be worse, honestly. Well, it could, but I am not sure I could handle it if it was. Tuesday night is our first official Circle meeting since we took the summer off, and Wednesday is the first night of the Bible study I’m doing this year. I hope it’s good! I think it will be awesome.

I have started 2 new books, but that doesn’t make sense since I never finished the others I was reading. They just weren’t interesting enough to keep me reading, but I will finish them one day. So far, one of the 2 is pretty good, but the other one is just so-so. I will get back to it to see if it gets any better, though.

I am still debating whether or not to try and do the Bible in 90 days along with Contact/Dave. Is anyone else doing it? It seems like something I’d start but not finish or come anywhere close. I did take a bookmark with the daily readings on it, thought, so maybe I can make myself at least try.

I’m running on not much sleep, so my thoughts are pretty scattered right now.

I’m trying to get up enough energy to take the dog for a walk/jog and enjoy the cooler weather. I probably need to get going on that before it gets dark.

GOOD THING: made some money Saturday
BAD THING: still have to plan for some stuff this week, and I’m running out of time