Do you know how awesome Coke tastes after eating apples? It’s awesome! I love Chick-fil-A Coke to start with, and it’s even better while eating a CFA fruit cup. YUM!

Brian said he found lots of clothes and stuff at his parents’ house to sell at the yard sale. That’s great! We have to go through it all tonight to see how we need to set up our area. I hope we make some money! It seems hard to imagine making any money at all when yard sale prices are so low, but I guess it could happen. I just hope we make more than $20. That would be sad to make hardly anything after waking up so early on a Saturday and putting so much time into gathering junk.

Work is still crazy! I think it will be better starting tomorrow, which makes perfect sense since Thursdays are so awesome.

For all of you that I usually chat with online throughout the day, I’m sorry! I should be back online very soon. It’s probably a nice break for you haha.

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Choxie typed you a message!

GOOD THING: free lunch today including birthday cake!
BAD THING: migraine all day, but it’s gone thanks to hydrocodone!