Today was SO BUSY at work! It was probably my least favorite day of the year so far. 😦 I really hope tomorrow is better. I stayed an extra 40 minutes or so today just so tomorrow morning won’t feel so overwhelming. Let’s hope it works!

This past weekend was pretty awesome. Brian and I went to the lake by ourselves Friday at lunch time because he took off work for his birthday that was Wednesday. They let him choose whatever day he wants. We went to Pizza Hut in Clanton for dinner and had pizza for lunch the next day. It was really yummy. PH wins the pizza contest. We lad lots of fun at dinner laughing about stuff. When we got home, we chatted with his sister on the phone for a long time, and that was funny, too. Brian got to wakeboard for a little while Friday evening right in front of the house because the water was so calm. It was really awesome and fun to drive him with perfect water and no other boats. It started lightning, so we had to quit lest we get struck down. The next day, we woke up late, then took the boat out again. I got to wakeboard then, and I wakeboarded for a realllly long time until my arms hurt too bad to hang on. The water was pretty rough, so that sucked my energy up faster. We had a good time either way. Choxie played in the water some more, too! She likes it. Brian’s dad came down about the time we were thinking about leaving, so we took him for a long boat ride complete with the dog after he had time to mow the yard. Choxie was too cold on that ride, and she got restless. That resulted in her peeing in the boat. A lot. She’s never done that before, so I’m blaming it on the really rough water over an extended amount of time.

Sunday was the day that Dr. Sleeth came to speak at our church! I was so excited for him to be there. The only things that went wrong Sunday were these things: I decided to wake up early to go hear what he had to say BEFORE the Q&A time, but I heard his talk at the later service was awesome and different than at the early service. Oh well. Also, he announced that he would sign books after the second service, which I wasn’t going to. Thank goodness someone volunteered to get my book signed! I know it’s not a big deal, but it is to me. I am really glad I got to go up and meet Dr. Sleeth before the church service that morning to thank him for coming and tell him how excited we were for him to be there. He’s a really nice guy, and I think he’s funny, too. I’m looking forward to his next book coming out.

Sunday afternoon, I went to the bookstore and bought 2 new books and a planner. I’m pretty excited about my books, but I will wait and talk about them later when I have real comments on them.

GOOD THING: today is OVER!
BAD THING: still haven’t planned September’s Circle meeting – oops!