This weekend was a weekend at the lake! We had not been in a few weeks, but it felt like it’d been longer. We invited 2 other couples that we don’t see very often. Both husbands were college roommates of Brian’s. We had tons of fun wakeboarding, watching TV, playing Rock Band, swimming, playing with our dogs (every couple had one there), eating and talking. I’m sure something else took place, but those were the main things. I think everyone had a good time. We will probably see them all again in October when we got to Mountain Day at Berry. I didn’t take the first picture, so I will only post some after Adam puts some up on Facebook probably.

Choxie was really good and got in the water more than ever! She even got in the water two times on her own without us even coaxing her! She almost did it a third time this afternoon, but we called her back because we were getting ready to leave.

Oh, I need to back up. Friday was my shopping afternoon with Sheena! We had fun of course. We started with a super yummy lunch of O’Carrs fruit (for both of us) and chicken salad (for me). Then, we went to several stores to try on jeans for me (finally found some). We also got free 5 (or 15) minute massages while we were out! Yay for nice customers of Sheena’s.

And even FURTHER back, we had a fun TV night Thursday! We laughed and talked a lot, and I finally met Casey’s parents. They’re very nice, of course.

I am sunburned and really worn out from this weekend, so I’m hoping to go to bed really early. I highly doubt that will happen, but it sure would be nice. I really do think that any bedtime in my own bed would guarantee a much better night’s sleep than my last 2 nights in the bed at the lake, so I’ll be happy no matter what.

GOOD THING: Everyone had fun at the lake, and no one got hurt!
BAD THING: sunburned