As I’ve mentioned to you before, our street is having a yard sale together at the end of this month, and I’m excited! I was worried at first because I have never done a yard sale of my own, and I’ve only been to a few, so I’m not well versed in these things. I also worried that we didn’t have enough crap to sell, and I didn’t want us to be the pitiful table with a few things scattered on it.

WELL, during out weekend visit to Georgia, my mom and I quickly went through my closet there and gathered up some clothes for me to sell! It’s mostly stuff from high school that is way out of style and/or way too little, but none of it is gross or damaged, and a lot of it would be good stuff to have for kids or someone shorter than me (since lots of the shirts are too short). We also gathered up some hideous shoes that were so cool back in the day. I wouldn’t be caught dead in any of them now, of course. Anyway, someone might love them, so I’ll have those for sale, too. I also found some random junk that I think some people would like. There was more to bring from my parents’ house, but we didn’t have a ton of room in the car to pack things, and I was tired of going through dusty stuff.

I tried on several things last night that I brought from my parents’, and I have to admit I am kind of sad that I can’t wear a few things. There are a few really nice things that were expensive that I should never have begged for because I hardly wore them. Lots of things were kind of too big then, but I can barely squeeze into them now. There are 2 or 3 dresses in particular that I would still want, but there’s just no way. It’s kind of sad to see some of it go because of that, but oh well – maybe I can get a few dollars from it, and my mom will have more closet space! Her biker clothes are taking that closet over, anyway, and she should get the space over me since I don’t even live there. I only wish I would’ve remembered to go through my dresser – especially to get rid of some jeans I have there, but whatever. Maybe we will have another yard sale so I can sell them later.

I’m not exactly sure how to price things for the sale, but I’m hoping if I over price anything that someone interested will just haggle so I can still sell it. I don’t want to keep this crap in my basement! (We have other things besides the clothes I mentioned, but I’m mostly excited about those because they were unexpected means of making money!)

I had the best salad in the world today for lunch! Yay for baby blue salads.

GOOD THING: day is over half over!
BAD THING: The rest of the summer will probably be hot as crap.