We are back in town now after visiting Georgia for the weekend! My mom’s birthday was Saturday, and we hadn’t been in WAY too long, so it was time for a visit. We just hung around the house this time instead of going out to eat or playing putt putt, but it was fun. We played with the dog and just hung out. Saturday, we had a small cookout for my mom’s birthday, and I hope she had fun. She was super tired this weekend, so I hope it didn’t tire her out too bad. Misty and Chris came, and that is the first time we’ve hung out in years! It was fun. We needed lots more hours to chat about people and other things, but we will just have to get together again for that – much to our husbands’ boredom, probably. At least they get along and can talk with each other even if they are bored with our 20 year old memories they can’t take a part in.

I’ve been taking care of Dave’s family’s sea monkeys for a while, and they’re pretty neat. Here are some observations: One is pregnant, and the baby looks different every day! They seems to swim around like crazy in the mornings, and they like to swim in circles. They also seem to try and swim with the bubbles when I give them air so they can play when they get caught up in the current. Basically, I find them entertaining.

I am waiting on lunch to get here. We’re having Sam’s Deli, which is awesome since I haven’t had it in a couple of weeks or so that I can remember.

We will be at the lake this coming weekend with Brian’s friend Matt and his wife Elise. We haven’t seen them in almost 2 years! It really is pathetic how long people go without seeing friends, and we’re definitely in that group of pathetic people. I’m trying to get better at it, though, and I am always glad when I do.

Work is pretty busy this morning, and lunch is coming, so that is all I have for now. I am still planning on posting pictures soon! I know I’ve been saying that for over a week, but we haven’t been home or had any free time lately. This week will be different!

GOOD THING: my mom is almost done with her treatments – last day is Thursday!
BAD THING: didn’t get to chat with my family as much as I thought I would, but that’s fine