I have poison ivy on my butt! How does that happen?

Also, a huge tree limb fell onto our house last night, and Brian and I both probably almost had a heart attack. It was around 4:15 AM, so it woke us up in a scary manner. Choxie was even halfway under the bed when we turned the light on! “Limb” makes it sound insignificant, but that tree is huge, and it’s giant trunk splits into about 4 giant limbs, and one of these tree-sized limbs was what fell. Anyway, I think our house avoided any damage (somehow), so we just have to borrow a chainsaw or something so we can get the thing off our roof. Sometime soon, we have to get someone over there to see if that tree needs to be cut down or not. We’ve been thinking about it for a while, but now, we really want to figure out our tree situation.

Tonight is TV night! We’re skipping pizza for more exciting choices, but we’re going to go to the Pattons’ to check out the possibly new doggy!

I am so very tired. I can’t wait to go to bed tonight!

GOOD THING – no roof repair necessary, and we’re not dead!
BAD THING – got lots I want to do around the house in less than a week before people come over