will be awesome! I’m going to make sure of it. Tonight is a new episode of Dance Your Ass Off, and I find that show entertaining. I will also hopefully go grocery shopping and take Choxie for a walk. We walked’jogged 2.5 miles yesterday up monstrous hills and all! I was proud of myself, and I am mostly proud of her because she behaved so well (she usually does fine with walks, though). She was only spooked at first by the cars whizzing by us faster than she is used to. That is due to jerks driving WAY too fast on South Forrest. She got over it, though, and all went smoothly after we got onto different roads. She even walked by several dogs (and people) and completely ignored them. Yay, Chox! Someone drove by us and honked, but I have no idea who it was. I’m sure it was someone that recognized me from church/work, but I have no idea who. I would rather people NOT honk right beside us in a giant, fast SUV when my dog is already nervous around loud, fast cars, but that’s ok; the person was just saying hello. One of my favorite things about walks in our neighborhood is unexpectedly seeing people I know! I love to chat with people on the sidewalk or in their yard. It just seems so neighborly and nice.

We had plans of asking the Carters to go with us to try a new restaurant out at their happy hour for cheap food, but they are at the beach and the lake this week. Maybe we can do it next week!

I think my friend Kaitlin is coming to visit us this weekend! We’ll probably go to the lake, but that all depends on when she gets here. I haven’t heard from her, so it could be Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Who knows?

Maybe if the weather stays decent for another day or two I can work more in the woods behind our fence. I did that during the winter, but the summer has ruined all my previous work, and the entire area is grown up again with giant vines, poison ivy, briars and other crap. I was planning on staying out of it all until this winter after the snakes will be out of commission, but I really want to make it possible to at least walk around in there. Our neighbor was trimming some trees behind his fence, so he was back there with his dog, Murphy. Choxie LOVES Murphy, so I let her back there to find him, and they played and played! She also found something back there and kept barking at it, so I was worried she’d come across a snake, but Miles (neighbor) walked over to check it out and said she’d found an animal hole –  a BIG animal hole. We don’t know what animal lives in there, but Choxie sure was interested!

I’m pretty sure I will have poison ivy again plus about 10 mosquito bites after working for just a few minutes out there yesterday. I need some snake chaps and bug bombs before I go out there again, I think.

I promise to post some pictures soon. Not of snake chaps and bug bombs.

GOOD THING: VBS has started and will be over before we know it!
BAD THING: This awesome weather can’t last forever! It’s perfect!