I took several pictures around the house the other night in hopes to post a new blog entry complete with pictures! However, they haven’t been uploaded onto the computer yet, so you’ll have to wait!

I haven’t had the most fun week at work and stuff, but it has really gotten better just in the last day, and today is great so far! Most of that is just knowing it’s Friday, but other good things happened, too.

I ordered fabric to cover my 2 thrift store chairs, and it’s going to be cool. The best part is that the fabric was so CHEAP! It will probably be here soon considering the swatch took no time to get here.

I’m also going to some stores this afternoon and hope to get some good stuff like a really cheap new shirt maybe? and a set of scales for us just like Sheena got for them. You know, we have to get everything alike according to our woeful husbands haha. When you get awesome stuff at awesome prices, it’s only right to share info and copy!

That is all for now, but I will try to post more soon!

GOOD THING: able to give a gift this week and Casey brought me more music!
BAD THING: I’m not going to put anything here!