Today, we’re having a staff lunch at work. I’m usually really excited about that, but I don’t feel so hot today, so it’s hard to be that excited. However, it IS Moe’s BBQ, so maybe I will get more excited after I actually see it in front of my face. We also have a special birthday cake made by my boss’s daughter, who makes cakes on the side for events, and that cake is a peanut butter chocolate cake….it has pieces of Reese’s cups in between the layers!

Like I said, I kind of feel crappy today, but I’ll be fine.

Yesterday, I ate fish for two meals, and that is just too much – especially when the second meal was at Nabeel’s because that grouper sandwich was on some super flavorful bread and was very heavy with some caper mayonnaise and seasoned fish – ugh. It was good for a few bites, but sometimes, a few bites is all I can handle of something even if it’s good at first. We went to dinner with Brian’s cousin and his wife who are in town as of yesterday visiting for around a week. He’s a missionary/pilot with MAF, so he travels constantly all over the world and has great stories. Dinner was fun, and we sat around and chatted with them until after 10 at Brian’s parents’  house. It was just us, them and Brian’s mom because his dad is gone to Missouri with Ann to help her move. 

My puppy is so cute. I love her!

I am also loving our lower humidity.

GOOD THING: catching up with relatives
BAD THING: had a headache looming since last night when I went to bed…go away!