Here are some highlights of this past weekend:

On Saturday around lunch time, my friends Kaitlin & Jaime came to visit. We all needed lunch and Jaime wanted some new shoes to wear to the wedding that evening, so we hit up some stores and found her some shoes. They were cute and cheap from Target, but they didn’t have my size! I would’ve gotten some for sure. Anyway, later that evening, we (plus Brian) rode down to Alabaster for our other friend’s wedding (Renee). It was good! The reception was the best part; it was perfect! It was all very low-key in true Renee fashion. The music was fun, the food was good and arranged in a cool way, the punch was AWESOME, and the decorations were really pretty and simple. It was pretty much like a patio party with live music. Renee was beautiful and so laid back, and she and Jonathan were so cute dancing to the songs together and chit chatting with friends. Their first dance was Ray LaMontagne’s You Are the Best Thing (of course) – so cute! Anyway, we ended up staying until the very end when they left. Afterwards, we drove straight to Edgewood Creamery and ate ice cream outside on the sidewalk!

On Sunday, I had to teach Sunday School, which I think went okay, then Brian brought my friends to church. I really liked the sermon, and it weirdly went perfectly with my SS lesson. After church, we went to enjoy some delicious Mexican (or Peruvian, really, if there is a difference) food with the addition of Andy. Then, my friends had to go. After THAT, Brian and I drove to Dick’s Sporting Goods to buy a new kickball and some bases for our Sunday School kickball game! The game was fun; we had good times hanging out. We are all way too out of shape to run so much (small teams = lots of running), so we took a water break at one point and never went back! The score was tied at that point, so it all worked out.

That kickball game really drained us, but for some reason when we got home, we decided to work in the yard! I was seriously spent by then, but I must have lost my mind and decided to take Choxie for a walk. She was enjoying it so much and walking SO good (not pulling or running ahead), that I wanted to be nice and do what she really wanted, which is to run. Yeah. I ran all the way back home with her! I’m pretty surprised I can even walk today after all that, but nothing hurts that bad so far. I guess it’ll catch up with me by this evening and tomorrow.

After all that madness, we went to Brian’s parents’ house with some Zaxby’s and ate dinner with them.

So, we got a lot done and had fun with old friends, so the weekend was a success! I am really in the mood to start going to the lake now that it’s hot and we’ve had some busy weekends. I have a new wakeboard that I’ve never even used! I can’t wait.

GOOD THING: got lots done this weekend
BAD THING: Monday already!