Today is Thursday, which is usually pretty awesome, except the Pattons can’t do TV night! That’s ok, though, because I need to do some stuff around the house. This weekend, at least 2, maybe 3 people are staying with us because our friend Renee is getting married Saturday in Alabaster. I don’t know yet if they’re coming on Friday or waiting until Saturday, but they will be staying with us at least one night. I have to clean a little and get a few snacks and drinks. The good part is that 2 of them were here a few weeks ago, so I have already done the major cleaning/clearing out of space for them.

Yesterday, Jeanne and I took the office recycling downtown and swung by Starbucks on the way back! That is our newly-formed tradition. This time, Sheena was there! We totally surprised her while getting some delicious passion teas. Next time, I’m getting a giant one. Or, it may be time to try them with lemonade instead of water. They are SO good.

The best part is that they’re under $2, so I don’t feel bad for getting one every few weeks.

This week is awesome! My workplace really does a sweet job of celebrating Administrative Professionals Day. We turn it into a whole week! So far, I’ve gotten 2 cards, 2 free lunches, flowers, a cute plant in a coffee mug to also celebrate Earth Day (thanks, Dave!), a cookie, some candy, a candle, some Post-It’s, a fingernail file, and a paperweight. We are also going to The Club for lunch next Wednesday. That usually happens on the actually holiday (or whatever that day is considered), but some people were out of town, so we moved it to next week.

Tuesday was fun because we rode to Tuscaloosa with the Pattons mostly to help Sheena have fun and feel better about her stupid paper. But, since we were there, we went to Mugshots for some dinner, and it was good, of course! There’s no way I can eat a whole burger there without throwing up, but it sure is good until I get to that point. I didn’t remember this from the last time they took us, but those fries are awesome! Next time I go, I might get pasta or the salad that Sheena gets.

Oh – while we were at the library on campus (U of A), we got to people watch, and it was interesting. Everyone seemed the same in some weird way, and we got to witness about every college student stereotype walk through the doors. It was pretty funny to me because I didn’t go to a huge college, and the atmosphere was just totally different where Brian and I went. I also felt a little old sitting there watching these students, but it was a good feeling to know I wasn’t there studying or researching! Booyah! Been there, done that, kids!

Also on Tuesday, Sheena picked me up my new Manchester Orchestra CD! I thought I was going to have to wait on it. It’s super awesome.

So far, there’s only one song that I kind of don’t like, but there are some really awesome ones, too. I can’t decide what my favorite one is, but at the moment, it’s probably Pride or The Only One. I’m leaning towards Pride because of the sweet guitar stuff.

Choxie finally jumped completely onto the bed in the guest bedroom for the first time this morning. She learns all her bad new tricks in the mornings while I’m getting ready for work! It was honestly really funny to see her standing up on the bed wagging her tail so hard because she was excited to be up there.

NOTE: I just called Brian to tell him about the dog, and he was like ohhh I think I might have caused that. He said he grabbed her away from a pair of my pants this morning, and to remove her from them, he said he sat her up on the bed for like 2 seconds max before grabbing her back off there, so she must have realized it was fun up there in those 2 seconds. 

Jeanne and I spied on the little kids playing on the playground this morning for a few minutes, and it was so funny. There’s one little girl out there that was chasing several boys around. When she got to them, she would either stand there and hug them, get right up in their face (like touching close) and smile really big, or kiss their face. Watch out! We also watched Jeanne’s little boy, Baker, try to walk up the slide several times to no avail. All these kids are like 1.5 or 2 years old, so they’re all wobbly and stuff. It’s pretty funny. David’s little girl Madelyn spotted us up in the window! She started pointing to us, so we waved at her, but she wouldn’t wave back. Then, Tim’s little girl, Elizabeth, spotted us and pointed, too. Their teacher was trying to get them to wave back at us, but they all just stood there and waved at her instead haha.

You know what is annoying? I think it’s really annoying when people talk to themselves all the time or hum – especially when they do it near me at work when I’m trying to concentrate.

GOOD THING: tomorrow is Friday!
BAD THING: I keep procrastinating and not writing an article I’m supposed to do.