Today is my birthday! It’s been good so far. I had an awesome lunch and laughed with good work friends! I only have 3 more hours of work left. Oh! I just found out someone is buying my lunch for me since it’s my birthday! YAY!

This weekend was awesome! We went shopping, to the lake with Choxie, hung with the Pattons & JT, and celebrated Easter!

The lake was fun. I actually got to sleep until 10:30 Saturday morning, and I haven’t done that since sometime in February!

I got some cute new clothes for my birthday. Toot! I’m trying to figure out what else I would like to have with more birthday money, but it’s hard to think of stuff.

Sheena got a job! And she got to eat lots of candy this weekend! Easter miracles abound.

GOOD THING: new clothes!
BAD THING: the weather!