…for writing about Choxie again. I promise I’ll mention more than her. BUT…First of all, I would like to say that I am proud of our puppy! She lost her first tiny baby tooth today!!! It’s been super loose for a few days, but it finally snapped out this afternoon. Also, I feel like she is pretty smart because she knows so many tricks already! She learns every one I try in like a day. We went a couple of weeks without teaching anything new, but she does have a few tricks up her sleeves. She can: sit, lay, stay, shake, get in her crate, go to her bed, roll over, wait/take it, and we just started tonight on teaching her to take a bow! Her roll over trick is so cute. She does it just to try and score a treat without us telling her to! I laughed so hard I almost cried last night because it was the first time it really clicked in her head, and she kept doing it as fast as she could over and over for a treat!

On the other hand, she’s farted on me lots today, and that is not impressive. Or maybe it is.

I had Circle tonight, and it was great! I won’t go into much detail, but we had 3 guest speakers telling us about the Kairos Prison Ministry International. It was really, really informative and inspiring. I really think I’m going to add Kairos to my mental list of programs/ministries to make a point to work with.  I just said ‘really’ a lot. Sorry.

This weekend is Easter! We will fortunately get to spend it here in the ‘Ham. I love being with my family on holidays, but honestly, there aren’t many holidays important enough to me to care if I’m there or not. Basically, Christmas is it, and Thanksgiving makes it on that list sometimes…just depends on how homesick I am and how much I want that super yumz food because I don’t get it here in town if I stay for  Thanksgiving. Anyway….we’ll be in town, and so will Brian’s sister! My birthday is the day after Easter, so those two combined must be enough to get her to drive over here.

Also, we bought tickets today to see Manchester Orchestra! Totes toots.

That is all for now. I would rather go to bed that keep dreaming up stuff to blab to you about! Maybe if you would comment on my page, I’d blog more! hint hint

GOOD THING: met some awesome ladies tonight
BAD THING: lunch this week has been sucky so far compared to what I’d hoped. I might actually take my lunch tomorrow.