Remember when I told you about how Tropicana is doing this thing where you can enter in a code off each product and save some rainforest?
Tropicana in association with Coolearth

Well, I obviously find it hard to remember to do that, but I finally entered 2 codes today. Guess what else? I won a $25 gift card to REI! I thought it was a joke or just telling me that I was eligible/entered in a drawing for one just because I entered a code, but when I entered my second code, it posted a different message. It said something about being sorry I didn’t win this time, but that it is possible to win gifts, and if you win, redeem it then, or your prize is forfeited. Then, it reminded me that I’d won a gift card! All I had to do was give them my address and phone number, and they’re mailing it to me! That is awesome.

Brian and I went to Georgia to visit my parents this weekend, and it was great! The top leaf (no idea what this map is fo) is where my parents live.

It had been 4 months since we’d been, which is terribly too long. We’ve never went more than 2 months before, and that is not usual, either. I try to go around every 6 weeks (roughly, I don’t schedule it). We’ve had issues with different ones of us being sick and having to be home for different things like teaching Sunday School and other things, so it just didn’t work out this time. I will not let it get that bad again! We took the puppy, and she was great! My parents loved her! She had tons of fun playing and exploring there. She killed her first giant stuffed bear, snooped around where we had to remove a dead and destroyed deer from my parents’ ditch, became territorial in their yard and and ran off several really large dogs, started jumping off really high things, and learned to roll over. Awesome weekend!

On the way, we saw a midget biker leaning up against his Harley at the gas station! He was decked out in biker gear and looked too cool for school. I can’t decide if that image was my favorite or if it was when he got in the back of his friend’s trike before riding off.

Julie just brought me a brownie! It tasted like the ones Brian makes! Yum.

Today (and every day this week), I get to go to the Holy Week service and lunch afterwards downstairs! Holy Week is awesome.

My birthday is one week from today!!! I still get excited about my birthday.

Time for work!

GOOD THING: This week should go by quickly!
BAD THING: cold and rainy stinks