I am very disappointed. I just tried to go shopping because Brian’s sister told me she’s pay for whatever I find and buy for my birthday. So, Brian went with me shopping, and no store had anything I even wanted! Dang it. I didn’t go to that many places, but as always, I put a curse on Urban Outfitters, who had a nasty clearance selection. While I was there, I figured I would give GAP a shot and look at their clearance section. I must say that GAP just plain old sucks now. They didn’t have anything in the entire store that I would wear, and they haven’t in a long time unless I just really missed something. I figured at least Target would redeem my shopping trip. I tried on 6 things, and none of them were any good! It is a sad day when you can’t find something at Target to buy. I tried clothes and stuff for the house.