This weekend so far:

Friday – After work, I ate lunch, then took Choxie to meet Brian’s friends at work. They loved her! She was so good there, too.  She fools people out in public! After that, I took her to visit Sheena and play with Bella for the first time! It was initially an odd encounter, but they eventually loved each other. Sheena and Casey grilled out for us, and we all had yummy food! Casey got to use his new birthday grill! I was so super tired for some reason, so I made us leave kind of early. I pushed myself as long as I could; my body wanted to go to bed at like 5 PM!

Saturday (today) – We woke up and hung out around the house until Sheena and Casey came over. They followed us to a trail in Vestavia so we could let our dogs play. It was good. Oh yeah – I fell off some slippery rocks in the creek (or down a couple of levels/multiple rocks), but I’m okay, or course. It was pretty stupid. I fall a lot around Casey and Sheena for some reason. Afterwards, we went to Edgewood Creamery for some yummy ice cream and took it to the park! After that, we brought the dogs to our house to let them play in the yard for a while. They have fun fighting! For dinner, we met Julie & Kerry at Chili’s. I had ribs, and they were good. They came to our house for a little while after they made a stop at Wal-Mart because Julie wanted to visit Choxie. We watched a little of Superbad, but Julie got tired and wanted to go home. SOOO, we are sitting around at home resting, and we are definitely tired!

Tommorrow will be church and who knows what. I need to start getting the house ready for out of town guests because at least one of my college roommates are coming this next weekend, and we might have two coming. Fun times!

GOOD THING: migraine is almost gone
BAD THING: My neck won’t stop hurting, and Brian’s hurts, too!