I like that song. Golden oldies!

Today is yucky! I am so tired of the rain. I just realized I’m listening to LZ’s The Rain Song coincidentally. Go figure! Anyway, I just checked the weather forecast, and it looks like the weather will be great after today for at least a week! That is good news. Mostly sunny and no rain! We’re looking at 70s and 60s every day for a while if they know what they’re talking about. I hope!

How was your weekend? Mine was different and busy, but it was good. I just wish it lasted longer. We went to Casey’s birthday party Friday night, went to Sam’s to shop for spaghetti ingredients in bulk, I cooked 20 pounds of ground beef and babysat the dog while Brian was out doing fun things (he asked to make sure I didn’t mind), then woke up early to heat up 20 pounds of beef Sunday morning, chatted with friends who picked it up, then lazed around Sunday, which means we skipped church. Sorry! Then, Brian and I went to Sabor Latino for lunch, the grocery store, the pet store and the bank. We got lots of errands done! After that, his sister came home! We went BACK to Sabor Latino for dinner, which was unplanned. We both got different meals, so it wasn’t annoying. It never is anyway! After that, she wanted to stop by our house to meet Choxie, so we all played with her for a little while before going back to the parents’ house. That was our weekend! Today, I really wasn’t ready to come back to work, but I had to, of course.

I am successfully putting off several things I need to do, but I just can’t muster up enough ambition to do those tasks yet. I am brain dead today!

Hmm….I am having trouble thinking of what to write for you. Oh! Our church is going to start participating with a food co-op soon! We will partner with the East Lake Farmer’s Market and have some veggie/fruit baskets here at Trinity UMC for $25 a week once we get it up and running. Awesome! I don’t think Brian and I use that many veggies and fruit, so I’m interested in sharing that with at least one other couple/family. I would like to see the quantity first to be sure, but I don’t think there’s any way we can justify and use $100 a month on fruit and veggies. I’m thinking we could even get it 2 times a month at the most, so I might have to pair up with more than 1 other group. It’s still exciting either way!

Brian’s sister is moving to Missouri! I plan on going to visit multiple times. I don’t know when she’s making the trip to find an apartment, but maybe soon after that I can go. Her job starts August 1, so it will be this summer sometime. Toot! I haven’t been west of, like, either Tuscaloosa or some city in Indiana, so that is pathetic. I at least get to add some to that! The dumb part is that Missouri is only like 2 states over, so I still won’t even make it halfway across the US. I think we’ll probably turn one trip to see her into a road trip out west, though, so maybe that will happen.

GOOD THING: I only have 2.25 hours left today
BAD THING: rain! yuck