My head started hurting early this morning, and I blame it on the weather/air pressure. I cannot stop chewing this damn Bic pen I found at work, which only makes it much worse. What is my problem with chewing on things?!

Something is wrong with my back and neck today. They’re all tight and sore. I thought it was from working in the yard and pulling up vines, but I just realized it’s probably time to go to the chiropractor. I think I forgot to go recently.

Does someone want to give me some money? I want to buy things with money other than mine haha.

My 2 college roommates asked about coming to stay with me one weekend this month, but I haven’t heard from them since! I have no idea what is going on. They mentioned next weekend, but now, we know our other college friend (Renee) is having a bridal tea on the 28th, which would make it a perfect weekend for them to come visit me so we could all go together. I can’t get in touch with anyone! I have no idea what’s going on.

GOOD THING: already 1:30
BAD THING: I have to be gone ALL day tomorrow, which means I’ll miss good time with the pup AND miss TV night…boo!!