I promise I will not always talk about my dog. I have had her exactly one week today, so she’s new! Forgive me. I loveeeee her so much already, though. I will always talk about her some, but I’ll try my best to mix that in with other, regular topics.

So, in OTHER news, tomorrow is Casey’s birthday. Yep. Partay Friday!

Thursday afternoon/night is my second Metro Methodism adventure. I hope it’s great! Last month, it was pretty awesome and included a Q&A panel of local ministers of some very unique churches around Birmingham (everything from a Hispanic congregation in Riverchase to a church that basically attracts what most people would consider “freaks” and includes a skate park inside…awesome!) Anyway, I know we’re going to at least the Church of the Reconciler Thursday, and that is a church downtown for homeless people. I’ve been there once to drop off some donations, but I’m actually learning all about it this week. That is pretty convenient timing since our Sunday School class is meeting there instead of at church this coming weekend to serve a meal and meet with the church.

Sunday, Sheena and I had lots of laughs at church. They were the best kind – the kind you shouldn’t be having during church! I love laughing so hard I cry, even when you have to try and keep it silent. Just ask Sheena about her sweet knee reflex!!!!!!

I really hate when I drink out of a Styrofoam cup. I feel like such a hypocrite! I know that’s ridiculous, but it’s still annoying to me. ANYTHING is better than Styrofoam.

The people I work with are pretty darn fun. I love it! We have funny lunch breaks.

Brian’s sister comes home Sunday! We haven’t seen her since Christmas Day. That actually isn’t out of the ordinary, but it still seems worse this time since she was in England instead of in Georgia.

Yesterday afternoon, Brian and I cleaned out our water garden. The water in it had been sitting since last summer, so it was nasty looking and smelled (not from far away – just if you stirred it all up). Anyway, we pumped out all the water and cleaned the pool part itself. We left the water out so it’d dry up in order to get rid of the mosquitoes that have already hatched. Yuck! As soon as we can figure out where to bury the extension cord we need to run the pump, we’ll fill it back up and get it running. That should deter most mosquitoes, and the birds will love the running water, too! I’m going to go buy a couple of water plants for it later, too.

Ok – work time.

GOOD THING: less than 3 hours left of work for the day
BAD THING: busy busy!