According to a friend’s suggestion and lots of online reading, I’ve decided Choxie is a Plott Hound. Some of the pics on Google Images are way wrong like always, but if you look up pictures and info on real dog sites, I feel like it’s safe to say she’s definitely a Plott Hound. She may have a little of something else mixed in, but everything about her: webbed feet, brindle coloration (including half-white back feet!), long ears, her bark and actions, etc. all point in that direction. The physical stuff is obvious. So, I read up on those dogs, and it sounds like she’ll be great! Hardly no shedding, very affectionate and an “excellent family dog”, medium-large sizing, and loyal, of course. Included is also lots of energy and determination. Yay for training! hahaha…we’re seeing that part already with her going nuts and trying over and over to eat all our rugs.

Anyway, I’m excited to know what she is (most likely), and I love her!

GOOD THING: Brian got his new tripod in. (Good for him…neutral to me!)
BAD THING: Choxie likes to eat my doormats!