Choxie did SO WELL at the vet’s office! She was surprisingly calm with the kids who ran up to her and all the other people coming over and talking to her and stuff. She just sat and watched! She was also good with the giant bull mastiff that must live at the vet’s office during the day. She didn’t cry with her shots, and he told me she’s “ahead of the game” as far as house training and tricks and eating well! TOOT TOOT. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to pitch a fit and be too aggressive, but she’s working on it. Give her a break! hahaha jk. She showed out in a bad way with Sheena last night, but she’s still not bad for a puppy I think. Did you know ivy and azaleas are toxic to dogs? There are lots of other regular plants, even some regular weeds in the yard, that are, too, so check that out if you have a dog. I have to try extra hard now to watch what she eats in our back yard. I was already thinking of getting rid of our azalea bushes, so I might just do that, but they shouldn’t be too big of a problem. I need to try and cut the most ivy I can off our fence and out of our yard and the woods later. I dont’ want to poison her!

Gosh, I’m so ready for the weekend. This week has been really tiring with the new puppy and work. This week at work has been crazy, and next week might be, too. Gross. Speaking on that topic, I will inform you now that March 27 & 28 is our spring consignment sale at church. Come if you need discounted kid stuff!

GOOD THING: Friday!!!!!!!! I can’t emphasize that enough this time. I’ll try. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BAD THING: gotta get up extra early Sunday!