I did way more today that I figured I would. I woke up and ate breakfast before the Pattons came to get Sheena’s bike & helmet. When they left, we got ready and went to Bob’s Bikes. Then, we went to the gas station, by the church to check out the new sign I picked up Friday, and back home. After some TV, Brian decided he WAS okay with getting a dog right now, so we went to the Humane Society. They were closing in 20 minutes, so I hurried and filled out their stupid form as fast as I could before getting to check out the puppies. I found the one I think I want (and Brian agrees), but she’s not ready yet! She is getting spayed next week, so we have to go back when she’s ready. Anyway, we had to leave, and I cried after getting back in the car. I have no idea why. I think it was because every puppy I wanted to check out in person wasn’t yet spayed or neutered, and they have a new policy where you can’t meet them until after their surgeries. Also, some woman there told us to check them out, figure out which one we want, and if it hasn’t been fixed yet, then they’d fix it the next business day. She said that meant if we found one, we could get it Monday or Tuesday. The next girl we saw said that was the old policy, so we have to just wait! Now, I just hope no one beats me to her. I know she won’t have surgery Monday because there’s a group ahead of her and the ones I saw today, so I’m calling Tuesday to check, their closed on Wednesday, and I’ll call back Thursday. It shouldn’t be later than that. Anyway, we then went to a couple of pet stores to check out their dog houses and stuff. Then, we went to Publix because we were down to half a roll of toilet paper. We ran into Grant from Sunday School who was apparently there for the very same reason. We also went to get a burger at Five Guys tonight. After that, I gave painting another shot, and I actually think I like it enough to hang it. Brian watched one of The Lord of the Rings on TV while I did that. Now, we’ve got some pants in the dryer and have showered. Long day! I’m going to be so tired when I wake up extra early in the morning to walk to church.

GOOD THING: Brian found his shirt for tomorrow after we searched the entire house
BAD THING: legs are really sore!