I saw in the news online today that Michael Phelps has had 2 speaking appearances cancelled because of his previous marijuana use. I think that is total bullcrap and thought I’d share.

I got really excited today at Arby’s with Julie because I saw a sandwich on their menu called the Roast Chicken Club. Well, back in college, Arby’s had this AMAZING sandwich called that, so I asked the guy at the register if it ws the same one as 5-10 years ago. A girl working there overheard me and immediately spun around to tell me she thought it would be the same too when she heard about it, but it’s not. Dangit! That was seriously a kickin’ sandwich, but they’re too dumb to bring it back. They’ve made other changes, too, like the sandwich I get there comes in either fried or grilled, but now, it’s known as crispy or roasted. I guess crispy sounds healthier than fried, and maybe roasted sounds more delicious and fancy than grilled. Whatever. However, I asked for roasted, and now, it’s sliced deli-style meat instead of a grilled piece of chicken. AND, it was missing the cheese and bacon! What a ripoff. I just had sliced chicken with lettuce. Wow. Thanks! I had cheese at work, so I was just missing the bacon, but that’s the best part!!!! I need some bacon now.

I’m watching some crap on Fuse called Video Yearbook, so they’re basically showing top music videos from 1991. It’s pretty funny. Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch was on. Feel it! Feel it!

I’m super tired this week. Maybe one day, I will catch up on my sleept.

I’m going to try and walk to work tomorrow as long as it’s not going to rain or be 20 degrees. Or 70 degrees for that matter. That’s pretty hot to be walking outside in work clothes.

There were lots of creatures in our yard this afteroon. We had lots of birds, some squirrels and a chipmunk! I love chipmunks. They watch me through the window while I watch them.

Oh, CRAP. U2 just came on this show. I might have to turn this crap off. I’d rather watch Marky Mark.

GOOD THING: day’s over, and I have leftover spaghetti for us for dinner!
BAD THING: burning shoulder blade and really tired