Whoa – My work and volunteer world has suddenly become overwhelming this week. Everything is happening at once, so I’m super busy. I’ll go ahead and say it even though I may jinx myself as usual, but I really do think it will get better soon. I’m thinking tomorrow will be another day of accomplishments to check off my list. Today was more just working with no end, but yesterday, I actually crossed some stuff off my list, and I think tomorrow I can do the same.

I’m currently cooking dinner for Stephanie & Kevin from my Sunday School class because they had a baby a little while back. They’re getting Mexican casserole and a bunch of fruit. I hope they like it okay!

Today at work, we had lunch provided since it’s Fat Tuesday. Coincidentally, my mother in law is the person who donates that lunch every year, and it’s yums. I had so much that I’m not even hungry for dinner still!

Brian just choked me multiple times from multiple angles while trying to “hug” me lots in a row. He tried. I guess hugging someone’s head is basically choking them, after all, and that’s all he can do with me sitting on the couch with a laptop in my lap.

My feet hurt so bad! I’m wearing tennis shoes or something equally as comfortable to work tomorrow.

I planted flowers Sunday afternoon in our yard! I need to buy some more to add to it. You can’t see them now because they’re bulbs, but I hope they’ll come out this summer. They’ll look better next year since the first year isn’t so great sometimes, but they’ll still be cool, hopefully. We already have some that others before us have planted, but I wanted to add my own. I think I’ll do some more maybe this weekend. Toot!

I got a new book Friday afternoon, and it’s very interesting so far. If I think it’s good even after I finish it, I’ll let you know.

GOOD THING: filled my car up this afternoon
BAD THING: so tired because I keep having tons of weirdo dreams – swimming in a pool that stirred up tons of mossy sludge every time I kicked? What is that all about?