I just painted the first coat in our green circus room finally! I was so gld to be done that I didn’t even look at the finished product, but it HAS to be better than green stripes like a circus tent.

Today, I had the best salad in the world. If you ever want to try an awesome salad, go to Franklin’s Homewood Gourmet and get the Baby Blue Salad. It’s sooo awesome.

Brian will be home in a minute! I wonder where we’ll eat tonight? I hope it’s awesome!

I think we’re going to the lake tomorrow for a little while so Brian can try out the new kayak. If we’re lucky, we’re going to Tuscaloosa with the Pattons to eat the best burgers in the world from what I’ve heard from several people. They better be good!

I ordered 3 tapestries from Urban Outfitters this week to make curtains for our bedroom, and they’ve already been delivered and washed! Maybe I will start on those this weekend, too. I LOVE getting things done around the house. It’s so awesome to have a house you know you’ll be in for a while. At the condo, it felt dumb to bother with fixing things up, but it seems worthwhile since we’ve moved.

I need a dog! I am looking forward to spring because it will be warm enough to think about getting one, AND it’s my birhtday! Too bad Easter is the day before my birthday. I hate when Easter messes with my birthday.

Okay, that’s enough because Brian wil be here any second.

GOOD THING: painted!
BAD THING: got lots I wanna do this weekend and not much time