I finally added a few new songs to my online playlist at www.playlist.com, and they’re good. I really like a few songs I’ve heard from Duffy & Adele. Some of them are just okay.

Tonight, we went out to eat with Brian’s parents’ again; we went to LoVoy’s. We hadn’t been there in a long time. The food is alright, but lots of people around here love it. I guess it’s just because they’ve been around forever, so it’s a tradition to go there. Whatever, but it was free dinner and enough to save for seconds. The best part is that afterwards, we went back to O’Henry’s for dessert! I got another piece of the chocolate cake. I ate about a third of it, and I’m hoping to get 2 more snacks out of it!

There is an old woman in a Camry hanging out (in my opinion) on our street. I have no idea who she is or what she’s doing, but earlier tonight, she was sitting at the end of the road with her caution lights flashing. She turned them off a while later, but the car kept sitting there. We went to dinner, sat around and talked, then came back home. When we turned onto our street, she was in her car driving around the curve in the middle of the road to where we couldn’t get through, and she just kind of stopped there like she didn’t know how to drive through. She finally moved so we could squeeze by, and that is when we looked in, saw her and recognized the car. What the heck is she doing? It was almost 3 hours later than when we saw her the first time.

Brian’s sister is flying back to the US tomorrow for a second (or third, depending on how you count it) interview with some college in Arkansas. They sound really interested in her, so maybe she’ll get the job. If so, I am counting on some trips to Arkansas! That is exciting and weird because Arkansas is one of the places I couldn’t care less about visiting haha. She’s also talking to some college in Missouri, so there’s a big chance she’ll be in the midwest, which is just so far from what I imagined she’d do.

Tomorrow is TV & pizza night!

That’s all I’ve got right now.

GOOD THING: chocolate cake, duh
BAD THING: very sore butt from walking to work yesterday