So, we went to the Red Mountain Theatre Friday night because we had free tickets to see Hank and His Honky Tonk Heroes. Think what you want, but it was really awesome, and I’m glad we went. Brian even liked it! We went with Dan & Carrie after eating dinner at Surin. YUM! I love it. My spicy beef noodle was extra spicy this time, so I basically couldn’t taste anything other than hotness after a while. I also tried some of Carrie’s sushi and had some crab angels, which are ALWAYS awesome, and Surin has the best crab angels I’ve ever had. We also killed some time at Starbucks afterwards before we had to take Dan to the emergency room. Don’t worry! He wasn’t hurt. He just had to work that night, and his current rotation is in the ER. He said it’s been really boring since no one’s getting hurt other than a couple of different women stabbing themselves.

This week, work hasn’t been nearly as busy, so it’s been pretty decent so far. I just completely forgot what day it was and thought it was only Monday night. Toot toot for tomorrow being hump day!

Brian and I went couch shopping this past weekend, but we didn’t find anything we like in the color we want. I plan to go to more furniture stores Friday afternoon. Also, my parents got new furniture in their living room, so we can have whatever we want of their old stuff to put in the basement! They might bring some when they come next, which could be the weekend after the one coming up. I really want another couch soon so we can have people over and give them a place to sit! Maybe we can travel back to IKEA this weekend.

As soon as the weather warms up just a TAD, I am going to try to walk to work. I have actually been a little frustrated at the cold temperatures because I had decided to start right before it rained for a whole weekend and then dropped to the teens.

I almost forgot! Today was Inauguration Day! Toot toot! No Bushy no more.

GOOD THING: Walk/Bike/Carpool to Church meeting went well tonight
BAD THING: can’t remember to go to the bank to make a deposit and change our address on our account – only 2 months late!