I am so tired of the rain right now. It is January. Ever thought about some SNOW?

I constantly make weird noises at home around the house. If someone put hidden cameras in our house, you all would think Brian and I are psycho. Brian and I also communicate with whistles and clicks apparently. We’re cool.

I love our new birdfeeders. This morning, I saw all kinds of birds in our backyard that we don’t see very often! It’s so weird to be basically across the street from Brian’s parents’ and have a whole different set of bird types. I saw the biggest blue jay in the world this morning. They’re so super bright; it’s awesome.

I had a weird but good sandwich for lunch today, but I am very tired of burping up the weird mustard that had chili powder or something similar in it. It was chicken, pineapple and pepperjack cheese. I also had half a chicken salad and fruit plate. I halfed both with a co-worker, and it was good.

Our Christmas tree is finally in the backyard as of this evening. It’s been raining so much that Brian was trying to wait on a clear day to haul it away, but we finally had to give in and just get it out of the house.

I am so glad we have a free weekend finaly to do whatever we want. I think we might go to the lake and take the new kayak down. I might go buy a new book to read down there! If you have any good suggestions, fill me in!

I had a really great chat with some fellow ladies tonight at Circle about the importance of friends and how showing kindness to people you don’t know very well can mean so much. As Sheena said, “friendship rules!”

My poor pink plant isn’t doing so well here at the house, so I need to take it back to it’s favorite window in my office. I cut lots of it away because it was so tall and on the verge of breaking, but now, it just looks said in my kitchen.

I cannot wait to get my hair cut Friday because my hair is so gross right now. You don’t have to tell me; I know it already. I am still convinced that I want to try and let it grow out as long as I have a style to try for and not just have long boring hair, but if I don’t like it any better in the next couple of months, I am cutting it all off again.

I just watched a while episode of Futureweapons to see the stealth ship, and the description is apparently for the wrong episode. Awesome! The episode I WANTED is from 2007, so I basically could have just looked up a picture of it online and seen everything I wanted to see. Okay, I looked it up, and it looks really stupid.

GOOD THING: 2 posts so far this week!
BAD THING: sick earlier today