Guys, I thought I had finished a huge slideshow I need to have done by Friday (preferably today, but whatever). I went to check it and make sure it was correct but realized I had not finished it, and I was only 1/3 done with it. So, I went to get the photos to finish it with, and they were nowhere to be found. That’s right. They are nowhere on my computer. I have either stupid and accidentally deleted them, or they were lost when I had many viruses and my computer was taken away to be fixed over the holidays. Who cares what happened, but I now have to re-scan about 60 photos, re-size them, crop them and make slides. Suck. I just give up today. I will start it tomorrow morning as soon as I get here.

This week at work has been so busy, and I thought today was the end of it, but I basically just got even more to do, and this project’s more urgent than the other stuff I did this week. That’s ok. I get paid to work, right?

GOOD THING: I think I slept a tiny bit better last night; I think it was only around 1:45 that I fell asleep instead of 2 AM.
BAD THING: lots of work to do