Well, sorry for no entries lately. Obviously, the holidays are busy. It seems like Christmas was a month ago, but I will try to do a quick recap of things since my last blog entry.

My computer at work stopped working right before Christmas, so that made work weird because I had to use a different computer that was up in the workroom in the middle of everything and use about a foot of countertop for my desk space. I got it back fairly quick for it being over the Christmas break. For the first time ever, I also got off work early on Christmas eve – at lunch time! That was an awesome surprise. That night, Brian, his mom and I went to the 10:30 service at church after spending some time with Brian’s aunt, uncle and cousins earlier that evening. We ate some food and watched The Muppets Christmas Carol. After church, we all watched part of the Nutcracker and went to bed way too late. On Christmas, we had to wake up pretty early to open gifts before going to Brian’s parents’ to open gifts before the same aunt, uncle and cousins came over for breakfast. Brian and I left at lunch to head to my parents’ and grandparents’. Both of those visits were pretty fun, too, so the whole day was a success. Brian and I both got way more gifts and money than we ever expected, so we were super excited. We stayed through Saturday at my parents’ because my dad’s family was meeting Saturday evening. We left from my uncle’s to come back home since we had to leave again Tuesday at lunch to go to Rome, GA for Brian’s friends’ wedding. Brian was in the wedding, so we had to be there for the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception. It was all pretty fun but made for 2 really long days away from home. We even stayed and played the newest Rock Band at Adam & Joanie’s house with most of the wedding party after the rehearsal dinner (which was complete with an open bar), so we didn’t get to my parents’ until midnight. It was totes fun. Oh – and I left my retainer at my parents’ during our stay over Christmas, so we saved money on a hotel room the night of the rehearsal and instead drove 1 hour to my parents’ to spend the night and get the stuff I left. We also wanted to visit my dad because I think he’s kind of sad and frustrated because he got Bell’s Palsy the day before. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a certain nerve that gets messed up and causes usually half your face to become paralyzed, but it’s temporary. It can take days or months to clear up, and he’s hoping it goes away considerably before he gets students this coming week at school. I’m not sure that will happen, but maybe the kids won’t be jerks and make fun of him.

I know this is long and jumbled (and probably boring), but I’m trying to fit everything in while I still remember.

The wedding was on New Year’s Eve at 7:30 because they wanted the reception to be a big NYE party, so we didn’t leave for home until around 12:30 AM. I got up the next morning just in time to go to my friend Lucy’s house for the traditional New Year’s Day lunch and visit her since she’s been out of town for over a month. I must say, I hate almost every bit of the traditional New Year’s Day meal, but she made it all, and it was actually GOOD. I even ate something with greens in it, but it was a combination of greens, grits and bacon. I usually hate greens AND grits, but somehow, bacon is awesome enough to overcome the disgustingness! Who knew? I mean, I know bacon is great, but it is now officially super great if it can make something with greens and grits in it taste good. I have to get that recipe.

Oh! While killing time in Rome, I got 2 new pairs of shoes for free with a gift card! We also just got a bunch of bird feeders/seed and other stuff for free at Lowe’s with gift cards. Awesome!

I finally just gave in and turned on Wild Hogs. I said I didn’t want to see this moving because it has Time Allen AND John Travolta in it, and both of those people get on my nerves so bad. Everyone tells me it’s so good, so I’m just going to finally watch it. I am already glad I saw that Paul Sr. is in it as a biker guy, of course, but at least it was a good surprise.

Tomorrow is church, and I am glad to have to get up early so I can practice getting up for work. We also have our Sunday School Christmas After Party tomorrow evening, so we have to go get a gift to swap sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Ok, this probably isn’t making since, and there is ice cream waiting for me in the kitchen.

GOOD THING: lots of free stuff to be bought with gfit cards
BAD THING: going back to work Monday