Here are a few tidbits of information from the past little while.

I made 3 lasagnas tonight. I am so tired of them and just tired in general.

I have been working on creating a newsletter at work for our Older Adult Ministry, so that’s been different and nice.

My parents informed me that Fuddrucker’s closed down in their town, and Brian is very upset.

I finally get my hair cut Friday, and my hair is in desperate need of some shaping up.

The house is all ours Friday evening!

I have rekindled my love for Publix key lime pie ice cream this week.

I think Pearl the beagle has lost a little weight.

It is very cold at Brian’s parents’ house.

I realy want to go see Role Models soon.

I won an award Monday night for my environmental efforts around the church!

That’s all I can think of because coffee is ready!

GOOD THING: watching funny South Park
BAD THING: heaaches this week