Today is Wednesday. That means today was chapel at work, and I love chapel at work. I love that I work somewhere that puts aside some time each week to allow any of us who want to come and re-focus on what we’re here for. It’s a time for prayer requests, praises, song, devotion and bonding with friends/co-workers. I definitely consider it one of the perks of working here. I include it in my list of benefits! Today there were lots of prayer requests – more than normal. It’s wonderful to have a group of people to regularly share concerns with.

I get to leave work early today to go to the dentist, which sounds like a complaint, but I do enjoy going to the dentist since mine is hilarious. I hope it’s fun! I will have to go one more time after this appointment to finish things up. I need a total of 1 filling and 2 teeth fixed that I have successfully cracked under the pressure of my clenching jaws at night (and day sometimes). At least when they go in and fix those 2, they are replacing my old silver fillings. Those teeth will be white and pretty now! Well, as pretty as back teeth can get.

GOOD THING: will own our house Friday!
BAD THING: not sleeping this week