Here is my broken record blog: We are in the middle of selling our condo and buying the house I was in a race to snag, and all of that comes to an end this Friday when we close on both back to back. Unless something gets in the way, that is the plan! I am very tired of all the phone calls that have been necessary for this process and the paperwork I’ve had to round up, fax and email. It’s all downhill from here, I think, so maybe today marks the downhill cost that will end this Friday! Toot toot for having our own yard and no neighbors through the walls!

I have to go to the grocery store after work today, and that is never fun, but at least I don’t need to get much. I am picking up some meat to cook tonight for dinner and maybe some Raisin Bran for Brian (yuck) and some juice for meeeeeee.

We finally moved some stuff out this weekend, and it’s fun! It’s exciting to look around and see empty spaces where things used to be. Every empty corner is one less space to clean out later! I’m now sure all of our things will fit in Brian’s parents’ basement, so that is a plus. We won’t have to pay for a Pod or anything like that.

We saw another groundhog yesterday! He was sticking up out of his tunnel looking around when we drove by. They’re so funny.

I jsut realized how stinky my breath was. Sick!

GOOD THING: less than 1 week before the craziness stops
BAD THING: lots of work to do!