Warning: this blog is boring.

Today, I woke up a little early because we had to meet the inspector at our (hopefully) future home for the all-important inspection. That ended up lasting 4.5 HOURS, which is long even for an inspection, but at least the man was thorough. He found nothing that was a deal breaker, so we can live with whatever happens. We are going to ask the current owners to fix some things, though, and they have to do what we ask for the most part. Selling and buying day is November 14! We get to move in after 6 PM on November 21, so I would guess the weekends before and after Thanksgiving will be busy!

Brian’s sister is still in town, so we’re all going out for a delicious Mexican dinner tonight after Brian gets done playing tennis with Casey.

When I checked my Bloglines this afternoon, I had 22 new posts! That was exciting.

I just made yet another doctor’s appointment for the end of the year. They’re all concentrated at the end of the year, but at least I’ll be done with everything soon. I’ve had pretty good luck with making them early or late enough to not have to miss that much work.

We went to a Halloween party both Friday night and Saturday night, and they were both good. My parents had a huge bonfire/barbecue party that was pretty fun, but I am definitely tired of smelling smoke. On our way back home last night, we passed several areas that smelled like smoke, so lots of people must be burning brush or whatever. It almost started making me sick after about the fifth time.

I got to see some people I hardly ever see at my parents’ party, too, so that was nice. I have some funny family members. It’s so weird to see my cousins now that we’re all adults because the guys especially have all the common mannerisms as other adult guys around there, so it’s weird to see them act like regular grown men instead of whatever I picture in my mind. It’s pretty funny, though. It’s nothing bad.

That’s all I have for now. It’s almost time to leave work, and I can’t think of anything more enterntaining to say, so I’ll spare you.

GOOD THING: got enough work done today after coming in at 1
BAD THING: need to wash more clothes tonight and might forget