In the spirits of Halloween and variety, I have changed my blog’s appearance. I have been wanting to change my blog’s theme for a while now, but I don’t really want any of the pre-made themes besides the one that Sheena just snatched, so I am stuck. I don’t feel like learning how to make my own. So, this one works for at least a week due to the upcoming holiday. Wow, that was boring.

Today, we signed a contract to sell our place! It was only posted online for 3 days before we got an offer! We are meeting our agent tomorrow morning to write up our offer on the house we want to buy in Homewood.

We finally took our new boat down to the lake Friday. On the way, a trailer tire blew out while we drove down the interstate, and we didn’t even know it until someone honked at us and mouthed “tire” and pointed. It hadn’t blown completely out; it more so just started falling apart, so the innertube was still there fortunately. Anyway, we had to pull over and start calling for help. In case you didn’t know, Cingular/AT&T roadside assistance is awesome and much quicker than AAA from what we’ve experienced and heard, but they do not care what happens to anything other than your car. They weren’t interested in helping with a trailer tire. So, we were in Brian’s dad’s truck and decided to call OnStar. They also don’t care about trailers. However, Brian did ask her to look up a number for a local place to help us, so we got the number for Calera Towing. We called them, and they said “We can’t help you. Call Don’s Tire.” We then asked for their number, but she didn’t give it to us. Instead, she gave us some other number to call and ask the number. I thought that was weird. So, we called this random number to ask for the tire store’s number, which they gave us. Then, we called the tire store, and the guy laughed at us and told us it’d cost a lot. We had no other option, so they came in about 15 minutes, which we both thought was impressive. An hour and $289 later, we were off to finish our trip to the lake. When we got there, I backed the truck down the ramp, and the boat wouldn’t start. Yeah, that’s right. We were an hour behind schedule, which means it was dark by then, and the boat wouldn’t start. I pulled it back up the ramp, and we drove home to hook up the battery charger. A little while later, Brian noticed a fancy little switch on the dashboard that should have been switched when we tried to crank it up, which means the boat was fine (good thing), and we were just crazy. I don’t blame Brian. It was the second time he ever drove the boat, and the boat we’re used to doesn’t have such a switch. Also it was pitch black dark, so he could barely see. And, we’d just had a bad experience with the tire that made us late, so we weren’t all there brain-wise, anyway. Instead, everything happened the next day, which was fine, and it all makes for a story, at least. 

GOOD THING: don’t have to clean the house to perfection every day anymore
BAD THING: Brian’s mamaw died this evening 😦