So far, this fall has been busy, fun and beautiful! Even though I love summer because you can do things outside, I think fall might be my favorite season just because of those two weeks that are the perfect temperature. It’s in the fall that I miss being at Berry College the most because of how gorgeous the campus is and how everyone walks to class and all over campus. The walks to class on my through-the-woods trail that hardly no one else used were so awesome. I am bitter that the cut those woods down to build the super sweet new Cage, which is a completely awesome gym, workout center and who knows what else. However, I am definitely jealous of the current students because we had a crappy gym that I didn’t even go to because it seemed gross and I’m lazy. Which of those do you think really mattered? In any case, I honestly would go to their current gym; it’s swanky. Anyway, I still admit that I miss college days and the actual campus itself even more so. It’s so awesome! I have to go next year to Mountain Day to catch up. Not to mention it’s where Brian proposed!  Sometime we should all go there and hang out! Not at that spot, but on campus in general and in Rome maybe. Day trip, anyone?

On another subject, I am getting better at making our bed. I think making beds is generally stupid, but I’ve done it every day now for a week, and I’m slowly getting better at making a king sized bed on my own. Do you know how hard that is when one side is up against a wall? Trust me, that makes a huge difference because I have to crawl on the bed to get to the other top corner, and that messed up all the covers! There is a little space I can stand in if I balance right, and I now employ that space to help myself out. Brian could never fit in that spot, but then again, his arms can probably reach that corner from the other side.

Oh! I bought lots of stuff at Target Monday night to organize some of our things better, and I spent two nights this week until midnight organizing our guest bedroom closet. It looks so good! I’m proud of myself. Plus, whenever we do get to move, that whole closet is ready to go.

I just scored free breakfast thanks to office breakroom coffee and a granola bar I got from the Youth kitchen. Sweet! It’s the kind Brian buys that he doesn’t like to share! I have my very own haha.

We are headed to the lake this afternoon to put the new boat in the water. Brian is so happy! It’s very funny to see how anxious, excited, stressed, happy and all that he felt during the hunt for a boat, because I was just ‘whatever’ about it. I am fine with having one, but I wasn’t just beside myself or anything. Now that we’re trying to get this house, I’m acting like he did about the boat, and he is pretty indifferent. I mean, getting a house now was his idea, but it’s obviously not something he’s just dying over like I am, but he was that way over his new boat. I just think it’s funny. 🙂 Since he has the boat, he is completely set.

I have successfully both made the first pumpkin bread of the year and managed to not eat it all by myself. I was able to share at work, give some to the Pattons and give the rest to Brian’s parents’. Sweet!

BAD THING: need a shower