Per Ashley’s request, here is an update on the home situation. Our condo is now officially for sale with Remax as of tomorrow morning after meeting for two hours with an agent today. This is all because the interested dude still isn’t sure what to do yet. We were told today that he loves our place and likes it better than the one he bought last year, but he’s still uncertain in this economy. Poops. Anyway, we still have a chance at the house, especially since our place is for real for sale now. Maybe it can still work out.

Other than that, we are back in town as of Saturday afternoon, and boy do I love our bed. The only downside is that we haven’t gotten to sleep late in it yet, but maybe that will be next Saturday. We had a good time at the beach, and I am actually kind of looking forward to going back to work. Brian is not because he has lotsss to do Monday.

While we were gone, it got cold! I was actually cold tonight standing outside laughing at Pearl (Brian’s parents’ dog) eating some apple slices. Tonight was the first time we tried to give her apples, and she ate them. I know that is surprising. It was funny watching her eat them since they were juicy. She kept licking a lot while trying to bite, so all you saw was lots of tongue action.

What else do you want to know?

Tomorrow, I am hitting up Target and/or Hobby Lobby for some organizational items like baskets and other containers to store some of our crap while people are viewing our place. I am actually kind of excited in a sick way about having to keep the place super spotless and de-cluttered until it’s sold. This is just the kind of pressure I need to keep a neat, clean house, and my biggest hope is that some of the habits stick for life. It will be somewhat of a pain to do all she suggested each day just in case someone comes by, but it won’t be too bad.

This blog is super unorganized, but that’s how it’s going to be.

Here is how our vacation went: We got to sleep pretty late last Saturday before we headed out. We got down there, checked in, then Brian’s parents’ came within the next hour. I found some restaurant online for us to go to for dinner, so we drove around FOREVER without seeing it anywhere near where the map said it was, so we ended up going to a different place that we knew. Here is how Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday went: we got up around 11 or 12, ate a little breakfast, went to the beach with Brian to walk and play in the water, came in around 2:30 or 3 to eat lunch, sit around, shower, go out to eat with his parents, then watch tv/read/talk/grocery shop with his parents. Wednesday was different because we (Brian, his dad and I) got up at 5 to deep sea fish. That was fun; there were lots of things to laugh at, including me almost throwing up after being a level 7 sick before going down to use the bathroom like a moron. But I didn’t! I also got to laugh at Brian’s dad on the boat and some other old guys on the boat that fished all crazy like and couldn’t hear anything, which caused the first mate to sound like Mark Wahlberg when he told them what to do. You know what I mean if you watched SNL last week when Andy Samberg talked to the animals. Or, for that matter, last night’s SNL when the real MW came to prove him wrong. Oh! I caught the biggest king mackerel of the day, so I had to fill out a form and get my picture taken since the whole month of October is a fishing rodeo. Anyway, Friday was a bit different because Brian’s parents left early due to his mamaw’s health. We were on our own for dinner that night. Other than that, we stuck to the same schedule. Saturday, we left, and we held off on lunch until we could get to Steak n’ Shake in Prattville. It was mediocre, but it’s still fun to do for some reason just since we don’t have one here.

I’m sure I’m leaving stuff out, but that was a huge paragraph, and you’re probably bored enough already.

I am excited to see my friends at work. I missed them!

I will stop now so I’ll have something left for the next blog.

GOOD THING: made it to church today
BAD THING: that stupid Bailey’s commercial is on with the woman singing “gotta have coffeeeeeee”