I have read 2 books in the past 3 days. They are:

Both books were really good in different ways. I’m sure you’ve heard all about both, but I just now got around to them, and I’m glad I did. You should read them.

Other than that, the ocean is FREEEEEZING, but Brian and I still got in yesterday twice because it would feel like such a waste to not get in. The water here is always so gorgeous that it makes you want to get in and never get out.

We will be going on a fishing trip for 6 hours on Wednesday morning. We know that is a short trip, but it’s the only one would could be guaranteed to happen since they needed more people than we could provide for the longer trips. Plus, I haven’t been fishing in the ocean before, so we’re all thinking I might get sick since I can get motion sickness just sitting at my desk at work.

Our condo is really nice, and the beach isn’t crowded at all – mostly because it’s October, and another major factor is that we’re staying on down from where all the huge condos/hotels are.

Brian’s parents are so weird; we just keep laughing out loud at them.