Thursdays are big days in the tv department for us and the Pattons. We have declared Thursday evenings tv party night complete with $5 pizza. If you haven’t noticed, some of the best tv shows ever are all lined up for an evening of sheer joy and laughter, so you should begin to partake as we do if you like to laugh. Even if it were just The Office, that show alone constitutes a party each week, so everything else is just a bonus. My Name is Earl, 30 Rock and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are all funny. I wish I could add Kath & Kim, but I’m pretty sure we all agree it was a letdown tonight.

If you would like to join our weekly party, feel free.

The guy saw our condo today around lunch time, so we’re just waiting to hear anything back about that. I hope it was a good visit! Even if not, that’s okay.

Tomorrow, I get my hair cut! I don’t have any great ideas of what to do, so I will just let it keep growing out I guess.

I really love some Jimmy Eat World songs.

We will be leaving Saturday for the beach, but never fear – we will more than likely have the internet so we can keep up with things or just have that much more to do at night when there’s nothing else going on.

My favorite guitar picks have a rhinocerous on them. It’s probably a rhymenocerous. My problem is that I like to hold them in my mouth, so my teeth end up scraping the rhinos off pretty quickly.

If you haven’t been to Applebee’s lately, first of all, I don’t blame you. Secondly, you might should give them another try. We went last night to meet a friend for her birthday, and the food was really good! I couldn’t choose which appetizer I wanted, but then I realized they have an appetizer TRIO where you can choose 3 off a list! They had all the ones I couldn’t choose from, so I got them all! It was so good. Or, I was starving to death.

If you see me headed towards any food, please grab that food and move it to the other side of the room so I can at least get a tad bit more exercise to go with that food. I have really slacked off of exercising lately, and that is disappointing. I have always hated exercising and never really did it, but I started anyway this summer just for general health reasons. I’ve already gotten lazy again! I need some discipline, and I could use it in lots of areas, not just exercising, but at least that’d be a start.

GOOD THING: only 1/2 more day of work left before vacation
BAD THING: have to wake up early tomorrow