Hello. We are back in town. The funeral was fine – it was better than I thought it would be, and I only cried once. Success! I slept very little the night before because my dad hasn’t been sleeping, and we all accidentally stayed up with him watching some movie from the 70s. I think I went to bed around 2 and got up at 8 with some waking up in between. However, I slept at least half of the ride back, so I fixed that.

While hanging out after the funeral, we went into the owner’s warehouse at the back of the parking lot to look at his new boat and some other things. On the way out, I realized we walked through the crematory room to get to the garage part. I signaled my dad and was like LOOK! and pointed to the machine/furnace. Beside it was one of those gourney things they roll the body in on, and I was thinking crap! It’s all just sitting around in this room by the boat, four-wheelers and stuffed game, and there’s a cat eating it’s food right beside it. So, the owner, who my dad has known for years, asked us if we’d like to see what a body looks like after it’s cremated. My dad and me were like yeah! and I couldn’t believe he was going to show us. He did! It was so weird, but so normal at the same time. I can’t believe it didn’t freak me out, but somehow, it made me feel better about things. FYI, the body doesn’t completely turn to ashes after cremation, so what was in there wasn’t just a pile of dust.

I got a new wakeboard and bindings for our anniversary! I also got a new funny t-shirt for my traditional cotton gift. Brian got new undershirts and a new life jacket to match his new boat and wakeboard/bindings. We definitely had a themed anniversary this year. The only thing that went wrong was that the shirts I bought Brian were the wrong size because I let the salesman argue with me and convince me to get a different size than I asked for. Darn him! We will just have to go exchange them I guess.

OH! PLEASE keep your fingers crossed that the potential buyer will want our condo when he comes tomorrow (Thursday) at 11:30.

GOOD THING: saw some people I haven’t seen in a long time back home
BAD THING: didn’t get to see the majority of them who came last night