Today is our anniversary! Our plans have been thrown off some, but it still doesn’t mess up the fact that Brian is super awesome, and luckily, he thinks I am, too!

Other than that, we have tons of stuff happening right now, so I am worn out and ready for a break. We bought a boat yesterday, found a house we want to buy Sunday, someone is interested in buying our condo, so we need them to in order to buy the house!, my grandfather died Sunday evening, we will be headed up for the funeral this evening and will be back Wednesday sometime, Thursday is TV night!, and we are headed to the beach Saturday.

If you are reading this, you probably already know all this, so sorry for the repeat. The above paragraph is a simplified version of every one of those occurances, so this is really all I can think about for the past few days. The main theme in all of this is apparent to me, and it’s that God really does always work things out for the best. Toot toot!

GOOD THING: about to go get a good lunch
BAD THING: nothing is ever really all that bad