For a while now, I’ve been thinking about making a quilt. I even went as far as bringing my sewing maching to Birmingham from my parents’ house and shopping for fabric, but that is where the whole project fell through. I had zero luck finding good fabric for a quilt, so I gave up too soon. If anyone knows where I can find some cool patterns/prints, please tell me. I’ve looked at the standard Hancock & Hobby Lobby, but they have the same fabric they had 10 years ago in the quilting section, and most of it is gross. In my reams, I’d love to make quilts all the time, but I know how frustrating the process can be and how much time it takes, so I’m just shooting for one at the moment. Maybe after Christmas is over? I’ll never get to it!

GOOD THING: Kaitlin is coming to visit tomorrow!
BAD THING: the boat Brian wanted to buy sold one day before he emailed the owner 😦