One of these bit the crap out of me today!

I did not know katydids would bite, so when I found one on my car’s door handle today, I picked it up to show Brian what I found because I love critters of any kind (besides snakes, spiders or sharks). Anyway, I picked him up, noticed his feet were really clamping down, and I felt pain soon afterwards, so I looked down, and the thing’s head was down on my thumb grinding away at me and taking chunks away with each pass. I guess he was just bearing down so he could get a good bite. I had to grab the thing and pull really hard to get him to let go of me! I squeezed him a little while trying to pry his feet loose, so he made a weird noise, and I threw him on the grass. I am so glad I got him off when I did, or I’d have a big hole in my knuckle. He actually removed a whole hunk of skin; he didn’t just pinch me or whatever. Oh, well. He was still really cool.

We went to the lake today to wakeboad, and I jumped higher than normal! I think I am very slowly getting enough nerve to try and jump for realz. If I jump like 4 or 6 inches and it feels like a foot, I can’t imagine how it would feel to jump 5 or 6 feet in the air like Brian and everyone else that isn’t a wuss.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and we are teaching our Sunday School class again. It has been pretty fun so far, and I like the study we’re doing, so that’s all good.

No work Monday! I’m so excited. I usually HATE Sundays more than any other day of the week, but I bet this one will be better since it’s not the end of the weekend.

GOOD THING: finished studying for Sunday School early!
BAD THING: did a bad job of applying sunscreen, so there are stripes