Here’s a funny little notion: If you are filling out a form that asks for an address, you need to fill that out. I am completely tired of trying to address some envelopes today at work and having to go and look up people’s street number or zip code or whatever just because the person filling it out decided I didn’t really NEED that info. I have plenty of forms that will say something like 26 Fairlane (drive? street? road? I have no idea. or a whole street address with a missing zip code. I wasn’t aware that I had the entire road system of Birmingham memorized so that I know what zip code any random street falls under. If I have to look up one thing because it is missing, I might as well not have ANY information, because I will have to look it up either way.

We have tried to prevent this by adding a specific blank for a zip code rather than just saying Address: with a blank, and that does help, but one day I might freak out and just make a form like this:

First Name:
Last Name:
Street Number:
Street Name:
St./Rd./Trl., etc.:

Would that work? Does that cover it? Maybe people can’t remember all the parts of an address.

This happens to me every single time we ask people for information.

Stop being lazy!