Here is how my last few weeks have been: The last 3 weeks at work have been the busiest weeks of the year so far by at least 300%. I went on vacation and finally had a weekend home, but this past weekend, we visited my parents, so we weren’t at home then, either. I haven’t been sleeping well, but that’s nothing new, so I’ve been really tired lately. Not to mention Brian’s birthday was today, so we were out all night again for dinner and spending time with his parents. That was good, though. Of course, now that I’m home and showered, I am using my time to NOT go to bed and listening to music online while I write a blog. Makes complete sense to me.

Sheena, I watched Shia on Letterman tonight, and he is so funny.

Well, that was a quick little update, but I really do need to go to bed now, so I will update more later. Miss you!

GOOD THING: Brian had a good birthday according to him.
BAD THING: I ordered the wrong size of a shirt for him, so we’re just out that $20 because it’s been over 30 days since I ordered it, but at least that means I can have that one (and try to shrink shrink shrink it), and I’ve already ordered him a replacement.